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Would you leave a present under your tree?

Updated: Jan 3, 2023


Have you ever received a present under the Christmas tree and just left it there? This is like not working with your dreams. Most likely, you are excited to receive the gift which someone bought for you. You probably opened your gifts with great anticipation of what it is that you can use or enjoy. Maybe it is a beautiful article of clothing to wear. Maybe it is a new piece of equipment or tool to use for a hobby, craft, or sport that you enjoy. Then again, have you received a gift and thought you could never use it? Maybe you thought it was odd. Even those gifts have use. Can you repurpose it or examine where in your life you might need it? Perhaps you could look up different uses for it.

This is like doing dreamwork. Remembering a dream, and then writing it off as unnecessary or weird is like receiving a gift and not opening it. Every dream is a gift from your unconscious psyche, revealing hidden or suppressed emotions, fears, hopes, aspirations, and memories. Each gift comes to you for a reason. Just like the person who picked the gift out just for you at Christmas, your unconscious psyche has a message just for you. It is one of the most personal gifts you will ever receive. Open it slowly, carefully, and mindfully. If you trust another, share it with them and let it reveal it’s messages. Then, just as you would a Christmas gift, put it to use in your life. What is the dream telling you or asking of you? What actions can you take based on the gift in the message of the dream?

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