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Next Dream Circle (Reno area)

Are you curious about your dreams?


Dreams are a window into the unconscious. A path for decoding the language of our dreams is to gather in small groups and share with one another.

What I love about this work, is the someone in a dream circle discovers something completely unexpected about the meaning of a dream and it resonates with them deeply in a way that they could not have done on their own.

I will also be starting a new dream circle on Zoom
Please reach out if you are interested in
joining remotely 


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Becoming Whole Through Our Dreams: A Nightly Journey Into the Unconscious
View Kathy's July 2023 Presentation to the Sierra Psychedelic Society
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“Until you make the unconscious conscious, it

will direct your life and you will call it fate.”  

                     - Carl Jung

About Me

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I earned a Masters in Transpersonal Psychology with a concentration in transformative life coaching, and received a certificate in dreamwork through the Institute for Dream Studies. I facilitate dream circles and coach individuals focusing on dreams. Dream circles are approached through the lens of empowering the dreamer, where others share their ideas about another’s dream, including symbols, metaphors, and archetypes. No one accept for the dreamer is an authority on the dream meaning. I coach individuals through the landscape of their night time dreams, focusing on healing the aspects of self that no longer serve them. I am passionate about brining the unconscious  into awareness for healing and to reach higher potentials.

How do dream circles work?

"What does this dream want from me and where can I use it in my life to heal and live up to my higher potentials?" 

 Dream circles are for individual who are curious about the messages of their dreams. Over the course of a month-long dream circle each participant will have the chance to share if they chose. Using the Montague Ullman's method, we will play off of the collective wisdom in the circle. The other participants will listen to others dreams with an open mind and open heart. They are invited to offer their own ideas about the dream as if it were their own, using "as my dream. . . " response. In this method we do not interpret other's dreams or tell others what their dream means, but we project our own intuition about what the dream might mean to us.  Everyone will have the opportunity to share a dream but it is not required. What is shared in the circle is confidential.
The circle is capped at six participants.
After the dreamer shares their dream, participants may first ask clarifying questions
What was the most intense aspect of this dream, the life force, and the strong felt sense and emotions? 
Who is X (dream character) and what does she mean to you in waking life?
Where is the shadow in this dream?
Next participants can start to project their own experience of the dream
If this were my dream
If this were my imagined version of this dream, I would wonder . . .   I would see . . .  I would be curious about . . .
This may be a shameless projection, but if this were my dream. . . 

Finally, the dreamer is free to respond and provide their own insight as they have the last word. 
The Aha Moment
The ultimate goal is for the dreamer to have new insight that they did not have before the circle. When new information is offered and it resonates at a deep level with the dreamer, this means the unconscious is emerging into the dreamer's conscious mind where they can begin to work with the messages of the dream. I believe rather than asking what a dream means, we should be asking "What does this dream want from me, and where can I use it in my life to heal and to live up to my higher potentials?" This process is insightful as well as fun. Come with a level of curiosity, willingness, courage, and humor. 



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